Sunday, April 3, 2011

The patience of the saint

After being well for months, the kids have all come down with a nasty cough this weekend. However, Skyler took it with fortitude. "Mommy," he pointed out to me yesterday, "even though I'm sick, I am not whining. I'm being nice!" He looked up at me with wide brown eyes. "I'm per-se-vering!"

Wresting the Scriptures?

The boys were in a contest for attention today (how unusual). Both were pestering Anaya unmercifully. When Skyler abated for a little while, Seth tried to get him to continue.

"Skyler, no man can serve two masters," Anaya admonished him solemnly. "So you're going to have to choose: me, or Sethie."

A drinking problem

This morning Anaya was feeling a little queasy. So this afternoon when I gave her a glass of water to drink, she was cautious. "Mommy, I am just going to drink slowly. If I drink fast, my stomach might get mad." She paused. "Then it might do a revenge."