Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hosting Anna

For those of you who don't know yet, this is an exciting announcement: We are getting a fourth child! But only temporarily. :)

A couple of years ago, my precious friend Shannon called me, excited. She and her family were hosting an orphan from Latvia for a summer. She explained that participating orphanages choose children they feel have great potential, and the hosting organization then interviews those children, takes their pictures and posts a brief introduction to each child. Interested families can sign up to see the photolisting and choose a child or sibling group to come spend several weeks with their family, either over Christmas or summer break. The idea is that the children will be able to see the inner workings of a family, and especially that they will be given an opportunity to understand the love of God.

Ever since Shannon told me about hosting, I have wanted to try it, but we haven't been able to, although several of my other friends have done it as well since then, and had wonderful experiences. So when my beloved, saintly husband finally agreed a couple of weeks ago to try it, I was thrilled!

We chose a 13-year-old girl from Ukraine. Her name is Anna. She is reportedly a little shy (good luck blending in with this cavorting family), but obedient, responsible, loves people and is a favorite in her orphanage. She will be coming to stay with our family for 3 1/2 weeks over Christmas, returning to her orphanage in January.

Please join us in praying that Anna will see Jesus in our family this Christmas! And if you feel impressed to give, we would so appreciate any donation! You can donate to our fundraiser here:

Hosting Anna (Alan and Nicole Parker)