Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Though I haven't yet finished my master's degree in Biblical counseling, I seem to do a lot of free counseling in our living room. Those who need it just have to take into account that I have three children, who wander in and out freely, watching wide-eyed as big people sniffle and sob now and then. I figure that, for the most part, my kids are still small enough not to "get it" most of the time.

Well, most of the time. Yesterday Anaya came to me, once again playing a game in which she featured as an imaginary person. "Mommy, Sethie and I have no home! We need to come live in your house."

"I already have children," I informed her. "You'll have to ask Jesus to send you a home..."

"But I don't know about Jesus," she countered. "I need to come to live in your house so I can learn about him. I need," she hesitated, apparently struggling with her expanding vocabulary, "a 'lationship. You see," she continued, "once there was a little girl who didn't have a 'lationship with Jesus. So her parents gave her a 'lationship. Then she had a 'lationship. And then she got to have a 'lationship with Jesus, too."

Kissing up

From time to time I notice that my two older children get a fascination with playing games that focus on Skyler. Skyler, a dyed-in-the-wool youngest if ever there was one, laps up this attention in glee.

Yesterday I saw the three of them playing a new game. Skyler was standing by the couch when Anaya raced over to him. "Spank spank!" she announced, swatting the seat of his little blue jeans.

"Kiss!" bellowed Skyler on cue. Anaya bent down and kissed his ample backside. Then it was Seth's turn to "spank spank," which brought on another delighted, "Kiss!" I watched my elder son bend and peck his little brother's derriere.

Now THIS is going to be an unpopular post in another ten years!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Have I mentioned how thoughtful my little Sethie can be? He is such a sweetheart. (Despite his problem with whining.)

The other day Seth was sitting at the table eating supper. He glanced into the kitchen and called to Saralyn. "Saralyn, come sit down and eat! You tired."

Now, THAT'S a sensitive three-year-old!

Of course, when I noticed and praised him for his sweetness, there were immediate repercussions.

"Mommy, come sit down," Anaya echoed. "You're tired. See, I'm nice too, right?"

"Mommy," agreed Skyler, "sit down. You tired."