Sunday, February 1, 2009


Have I mentioned how thoughtful my little Sethie can be? He is such a sweetheart. (Despite his problem with whining.)

The other day Seth was sitting at the table eating supper. He glanced into the kitchen and called to Saralyn. "Saralyn, come sit down and eat! You tired."

Now, THAT'S a sensitive three-year-old!

Of course, when I noticed and praised him for his sweetness, there were immediate repercussions.

"Mommy, come sit down," Anaya echoed. "You're tired. See, I'm nice too, right?"

"Mommy," agreed Skyler, "sit down. You tired."


Christy said...

I always did like the middle child :)

I saw that I missed a call from you on Sabbath. I'm sorry, I was doing the Childrens story at North River and wasn't able to answer. Sorry I couldn't help you out!

I miss you guys! I haven't been able to come to Bible study for a while because I've been pretty busy with NCLEX prep. But I want to start coming after I take the exam.

MoziEsmé said...

well, there are worse examples to follow! Sweet...