Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Natural tendencies

Sensible Child continues to amaze me. He can seem quiet, but he's always bursting with something under the surface, if someone sits down to listen.

“Mommy, do you know why I don’t talk much?” Seth asked me the other day.

“No, Buddy, why?”

“I’m not talking out loud, but I am jabbering all the time in my head!” he exclaimed. “Sometimes I pretend like I'm fighting battles and winning over wild animals and bad people and things like that.”

“That sounds very exciting! How long have you been doing that?”

He shrugged. “Just sometimes in my head.”

“But, you know,” I cautioned, “you need to be careful not to play video games someday, because you could easily get addicted. There are video games that are like that, and you would find them very exciting.”

“Don’t worry, Mommy,” he assured me. “I would NEVER get addicted to video games.”

“You think that,” I responded, “but there are video games that are made to make every kind of mind get addicted.”

“But video games are boring, Mommy,” he countered. “You know why? Because there is nothing to discover! Everything there has been seen by someone else, because someone else made it!” His eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. “You know what’s exciting? Nature. Because you see things all the time that nobody’s EVER seen before!”