Sunday, March 29, 2015

Snake hips

All of my children are built like fence posts, but Skyler is particularly well-known for his "plumber pants." We laugh as we watch him scurry around at top speed, reaching down every few paces to yank his pants back up to his waist.

Yesterday I sent Skyler to get dressed for church (always a perilous proposition without guidance). Sure enough, when I checked on him, he was wearing a beige-and-green shirt and gray pants. The pants revealed bare ankles a full inch above his feet.

"Sweetie, those pants are way too small for you," I pointed out, deciding to ignore the other fashion faux pas for the moment.

"Oh, good!" he burst out. "I wondered why they were so tight!" He pulled up his shirt to show me how they fit his waist. "I had to unbutton them just to pull them up!"