Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Soup is good food

Winter, to me, is soup weather. I love chopping a bunch of organic stuff I glean from the garden or farmers' market, with some potatoes, lentils or tomatoes, and feeling like I am pouring pure nutrition into my thriving saints' little tummies.

The saints who own said tummies are not always as enthusiastic.

"Can I just have Goldfish crackers?"

"Can I make something for myself?"

"Can I have hot dogs instead?"

After several (I'd love to say patient) sessions of explaining that food is for the purpose of making us healthy, not always happy, and that Mommy slaved over the hot stove to make that stuff you don't like, I went into Sensible Mommy Mode, trying to involve them in the preparation of the meal. When I discovered one afternoon that we were out of onions, I sent Skyler outside to pick wild onions from the yard (something he loves doing, which leads to onion breath poisoning when we are driving in the car sometimes--but that's a different blog). After blending the soup (carrot-curry-coconut-ginger, for those who are interested), I poured it back into the pot to cook the onions. However, the green onions gave it an entirely different color than usual.

"Oh wow!" Skyler exclaimed when he caught a glimpse of lunch. "Anaya! Sethie! Come see what we have for lunch!" He pointed into the pot as they scurried into the kitchen. "Green goo swamp!"