Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here, kitty kitty

A month or so ago we accidentally acquired a cat. It's a long story...suffice it to say it's living in our garage and its owner is coming to get it soon--we hope! But in the meantime Skyler has been enchanted with going to visit the cat, spontaneously popping out into the garage to see the "ki-cat" whenever it strikes his fancy.

Due to kitty fur getting on the suitcases we had stored in the garage (since we were packing to leave home and are now hundreds of miles away in Mississippi), we used a sticky lint roller thing to clean them. Skyler found it lying on the floor today and remembered the explanation for why we used it. "Is this for the ki-cat?" he queried.

"Yes, that's right," I answered absently.

A few moments later I noted him wandering around our apartment waving the lint roller. "Here, ki-cat! Here, ki-cat!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hick beaches

Today we were luxuriating in Southern life at its best--eating boiled peanuts from their shells. Skyler held up a peanut shell to me. "Mommy, what is dis?"

"That's a peanut shell," I answered.

He held it to his ear. "I hear de ocean!" he exclaimed.

Curiosity killed the kid

This morning at breakfast Anaya was in a contemplative mood. "Mommy," she queried seriously, "What if I had a broken--" She pondered and changed her mind. "What if I had two broken legs--" Apparently that wasn't good enough either. "Mommy," she began again, "what if I was dead? Would you take out the garbage?"

"Yes, Anaya," I assured her, "I could take out the garbage if you died. But I would be very sad, not because I had to take out the garbage, but because I love you. Your brothers could take out the garbage, too, but nobody can take the place of my little girl."

This was not sufficient. "But what if my brothers died. Then would you take out the garbage?"

"Yes. But I would be sad because I missed them."

"And what if I was really sick, like my tummy hurt a lot--then would you take it out?"

"Of course. Why are you asking?"

She looked puzzled herself. "I just wanted to know."

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I have NOT learned, in whatsoever state I am...

Have I mentioned that my daughter can't get enough of people? This week she had one day in which she was with a whole horde of little kids her age for 11 hours straight. As she buckled herself into her car seat to leave, she wailed, "Mommy, there aren't any children here for me to play with! I need some other children."

"You don't need other children," I admonished. "You need to learn to be content with whatever circumstances you face. Remember Paul? He was content even when he was in prison."

"Mommy!" She rolled her eyes. "Paul wasn't alone! He had Silas."