Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here, kitty kitty

A month or so ago we accidentally acquired a cat. It's a long story...suffice it to say it's living in our garage and its owner is coming to get it soon--we hope! But in the meantime Skyler has been enchanted with going to visit the cat, spontaneously popping out into the garage to see the "ki-cat" whenever it strikes his fancy.

Due to kitty fur getting on the suitcases we had stored in the garage (since we were packing to leave home and are now hundreds of miles away in Mississippi), we used a sticky lint roller thing to clean them. Skyler found it lying on the floor today and remembered the explanation for why we used it. "Is this for the ki-cat?" he queried.

"Yes, that's right," I answered absently.

A few moments later I noted him wandering around our apartment waving the lint roller. "Here, ki-cat! Here, ki-cat!"

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