Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kissing up

From time to time I notice that my two older children get a fascination with playing games that focus on Skyler. Skyler, a dyed-in-the-wool youngest if ever there was one, laps up this attention in glee.

Yesterday I saw the three of them playing a new game. Skyler was standing by the couch when Anaya raced over to him. "Spank spank!" she announced, swatting the seat of his little blue jeans.

"Kiss!" bellowed Skyler on cue. Anaya bent down and kissed his ample backside. Then it was Seth's turn to "spank spank," which brought on another delighted, "Kiss!" I watched my elder son bend and peck his little brother's derriere.

Now THIS is going to be an unpopular post in another ten years!

1 comment:

LaVonne said...

In ten years, they will probably be embarrassed to read your blog archives! And we will all laugh once again!