Monday, November 24, 2008

Un-bear-able humor

Last month when I ordered from a co-op, instead of ordering honey in bulk, I mistakenly ordered a box of honey bears. (For those of you who don't know, those are little plastic squeezable bears full of honey.) After running out of my bulk honey, this morning I was forced to start opening honey bears and emptying them into my morning's batch of bread.

One bear was getting close to the end, but not wanting to waste any honey (bees work hard for every drop of this stuff, right?), I was squeezing out all I could. Well, if you've ever squeezed a nearly-empty honey bear, you know that it makes a telltale noise. One that could sound somewhat impolite.

At first I didn't understand what Skyler was saying when he scurried up to me jabbering. Then I picked up that he got more excited every time I squeezed the bear. "'Scu' me! 'Scu' me!"

I laughed. "No, Skyler, you don't need to say 'excuse me' every time you hear that." I kept squeezing the bear, and Skyler became indignant.

"'Scu' me!" he shouted. "MOMMY 'scu' me!"

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Joelle said...

Oh, how funny! Where are your manners, Nicole? :)