Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dancing before the Lord

Lots of the things that happen at our house simply can't be put into words. They are unspeakably funny. I have tried to upload videos, but they won't work, for some reason. So I am left with the option of lame descriptions. Such must be the frustration of the angels, in wishing somehow they could describe to us the glories beyond...

But I am trying to describe something more earthly. Last night, for example, the boys were delighted to have Daddy home from Florida, and were of course smothering him. This meant his eating supper with one boy pressed against each elbow, a process that got progressively more annoying, at least for me, with a kid between our two elbows. And a singing one at that. Skyler was filling the room with joy with the newest addition to his song vocabulary. "Gowy to God, highest!" he crowed. (This to the delight of all of our guests, of course.) "Gowy to God, highest!"

"Skyler," I suggested finally, "why don't you go sing and dance in the living room?"

This idea was evidently very appealing. He scrambled down from his perch and skittered into the living room, where he stood with his back to us. He pondered, bracing himself for the great event. (For all the world he reminded me of Pastor Doug preparing to do his back flip on stage on live camera.) Then he lifted his right foot and did a little leap in the air, during which his left foot also briefly left the floor, coming down immediately after the right one. His hands also flew up in the air in an Irish jig sort of fling.

He spun around, flushed with triumph. The cheers and laughter egged him on (I know, we just can't help it), so he responded eagerly to my request for more "dancing." Again he turned his back, paused in concentration, and did his little leap--right foot, left foot, in less time than it takes to read it. Over and over he "danced" for us, which probably was quite an aerobic workout, considering the effort it took to get those fat little legs off the ground!

It was unbearably hilarious.


Olivia Leigh Photography said...

How hilarious!!!! So sorry I missed that one...

Joelle said...

Well, however "lame" you might think your descriptions are, all I know is that I can totally visualize it. :) How very adorable!