Sunday, March 29, 2009

Relationship counseling volunteers needed

Anaya came to me this morning with a major concern. "Mommy," she began, brow furrowed, "I've thought about it, and Sethie and I have a really good er'lationship. I just want to marry him. I've tried to decide not to marry him, but I just love him! So," she concluded seriously, "even if God sent someone else for me, I would just have to marry Sethie, because of my er'lationship with him!"

Thankfully, I could assure her that this wasn't a decision that had to be made today.


Kelsey said...

LOL... when she gets older you can point out the genetic disadvantages.

LaVonne said...

Let her pretend while she can :)In a few years he will probably be "yucky" or full of "germs".

Christy Joy said...

Awesome picture to match the blog :)

Michael .C said...

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