Sunday, June 21, 2009

Raising cannibals?

This morning for Father's Day, I made a pancake breakfast, complete with scrambled tofu and fruit smoothie. However, the highlight of all pancake breakfasts for our children is the "tiny pancakes" made with drips of batter. This morning they featured as the morning's entertainment.

The fun was sort of my fault, initially. Anaya bragged to me, "Mommy, I have little pancakes in my tummy!"

"Wait, I hear them!" I gasped, cupping my hand to my ear. "They're crying! They said they are lonely!"

That was all she needed. Grabbing several other pancakes, she named them all. "This is Aile, and these are Sarah and Daniela," she explained. "Here we come!" The enthusiastic pancakes leaped at the chance to "go down the slide."

Suddenly little pancakes were everywhere. Skyler soberly introduced me to his pancakes. "Dis one is Daddy. Dis one is Mommy. And dis one is Saralyn!"

Seth's pancakes were all little boys we know. A tiny one was his "baby," which he cradled in his fat hand. "Dis one is Caelum," he informed me. (Caelum is a baby we know.) His dramas took a slightly different turn than Anaya's. While Anaya's pancakes were thrilled at the prospect of "going down the slide," Seth's were not. "He scared," Seth assured me. "Aaaagh!" his pancake promptly yelled. "I scared!" Then things took an even more sinister turn, as Seth took a bite out of his pancake. "Aaaagh! I yost my head!" Not to worry--soon the rest of the "body" followed the head merrily down the hatch.

We didn't have enough little pancakes to satisfy Anaya, of course. Soon her bigger pancakes were being torn into little pieces to accommodate the other pancakes' social needs. She divided them into two equal piles. "These are my friends in Tennessee," she explained, pointing to one pile. "And these," she gestured toward the other, "are my friends in California."

"I see you have lots of friends in both places," I pointed out.

"Wait!" she swept the majority of pancake pieces over to the California side, leaving only a few on the Tennessee side. "I have MORE friends in California!"


LaVonne said...

A true California girl! :)

Saralyn said...

oh that's hillarious, guess I missed that morning's breakfast. I just now read this post, I saw the title before (raising cannibals?) and thought you were referring to the other people-eating events around here--such as the several times a week that I get chased around the house with a trio of "I'm going to EAT you" choruses following me! ; )

Jason said...

I believe she's in tune with the call of the Lord; she hears him calling you back to california! :)