Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happiwy ever after

I was playing a little game of "guess what I like about you" with the boys on a long trip from Mississippi to Tennessee, telling each of them things I loved about them. (Anaya was in the other car with Daddy.) "Sethie, I love how you make me laugh! You have a great sense of humor, like Daddy," I told him. "That was part of why I wanted to marry Daddy, because he made me laugh so much."

He chortled in glee. "I want to marry Daddy too!"

"You can't do that," I chuckled. "Remember, boys marry girls, and girls marry boys."

He was silent for a few moments. "Mommy," he burst out, "when I get big, I want to mawwy you!"


stella said...

Your so funny and so are you kids. I also liked your note of facebook. Trusting God is so hard but that is what it comes down to. Reading the comments was interesting as well. Which brings me back to the point that we are trying so hard to figure it all out that if we would just trust God our lives would become a little easier. Thanks for sharing and for all of your time. You are making a difference in many people's lives. God bless you in your ministry Nicole. So what do you think about stand up comedy? I'm being serious!

Saralyn said...

LOL. Reading your blogs, it's obvious that your children live in a house where relationships and marriage are a common theme ; ). And the toilet paper tie is great. I miss you guys!