Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sweet six, already been kissed...

Yup, my suspicions were confirmed--they've eloped. Again.

It happened yesterday evening. I came around the corner to find Anaya and Seth holding hands, face to face. "We just got married, Mommy!" Anaya squealed.

"Really," I responded. "Shouldn't you have let Daddy at least come home to marry you?"

"We didn't need a pastor," she giggled. "We already knew what to do without him. He would just say, 'Do you marry him?' and I would say yes, and then he would say, 'Do you marry her?' and he would say yes. Then he would say, 'Do you restore her in sickness and in health?' and 'Do you restore him in sickness and in health?'"

"Did you kiss?" I asked, noting the matching jelly stains beside both mouths.


I left it at that--I don't want to know how. Suffice it to say, I don't think the relationship will be long-term. This all happened only a couple of hours after a suppertime conversation in which Seth asked me, "Mommy, will you make a sign for our door that says, 'No girls allowed in Sethie and Skyler's room? We don't want her in there."

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Melody said...

So HI-larious as usual!!! I always come to your blog for my dose of endorphins. Love it!!! Am back in LL hanging out with Val and girls for a bit. What fun!! Hey, by the way, could "I" be one of your FRIENDS??? :-)