Friday, April 9, 2010

How catty of me

So apparently, according to Anaya, we need a cat.

She informed me of this the other night at bedtime (Her favorite time for coming up with topics that she thinks can start long conversations). "Mommy, I just know that somewhere out there is a kitty that wouldn't cost any money to get." (If she only knew how many...!)

"But it would cost money to buy food for it, and to get it shots so it wouldn't get sick."

"What are shots?" This is difficult to explain to an unvaccinated kid, but I tried, concluding with, "Anyway, it costs lots of money to have a cat. And it is lots of work. You still have a hard time doing your responsibilities, and you complain about cleaning the playroom."

"But Mommy, I wouldn't complain about feeding a kitty."

"Right. But even if you didn't, we have to drive to Grandma's house in a few weeks, and it's more than enough for me to have to drive 12 hours with three howling children, never mind a cat."

"But I would have so much fun playing with a kitty!"

"Until it got hit by a car. We can't keep a cat in our house. We can't take good care of a cat. You can play with Grandma's cats when we get there. We can't take a cat with us there, because her cats wouldn't like it."

But Mommy," she sighs at my obviously illogical arguments. "We can give it to our friends!"

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