Thursday, November 11, 2010

Morning is your time...the earth wakes up with you...

Time changes were not made with parents in mind. For example, it meant that Skyler bounded into our bedroom at 5:50 this morning. Alan snuggled him into bed beside him in hopes of another hour of sleep (I'd already returned the little guy to his bed about 1 am after he crawled in with us around midnight). No luck--he began snuffling loudly and waving his arms vigorously. So I lugged myself out of bed (noble woman that I am) and brought him out into the kitchen for breakfast.

"Mommy," he chirped a little while later, "why are you so tired?"

"Because I want to go to sleep."

"Den go to syeep."

"I can't. I have a little boy who is awake."

"But you can go to syeep. I will follow you to your woom."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

"Don't worry, Mommy." He snuggled next to me. "You can go to syeep, and I will be wiz you."

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