Friday, December 3, 2010

High aspirations

I overheard Anaya this morning exuberantly working on persuading Skyler to do something. "Skyler, you wanna come do something really fun right now? Come on! Let's go in the bedroom!" And then the clincher: "It's something we can't do!"

"Anaya," I called, "what are you doing?"

She came slowly into the kitchen. "It's not dangerous, Mommy," she began. "We did it before and no one got hurt."

That's never a good sign. "What are you doing?"

"We put him in a blanket on Sethie's bed and lower him down to the bottom."

"Sethie's bed? You mean the top bunk?"

"Yes..." she started slinking toward the door.

"Hey! No! You're not serious, are you? Did you lower your brother from the top bunk in a blanket?" Somehow I suspect this adventure wasn't imaginary...

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