Sunday, March 27, 2011

A man that hath friends...

For Skyler right now, a hundred is the biggest number imaginable. "Is it a hundwed yong?" "Will it be a hundwed minutes?" "Is it going to be a hundwed days?" are regular questions nowadays at our house.

"Do I have a hundwed fwiends?" he asked me the other day.

"Well, Sweetie, probably," I reasoned, "if you count your grownup friends. You have Annie, and Zeke..."

"And Jeff!" he pointed out.

"...And Monkey Man, and Erica...yes, I think you have a hundred friends."

He paused to think. "Are there more than a hundwed people in the world?"

"Yes, Sweetie, there are."

"Are they all my fwiends?"

"No, they're not, because they don't all know you."

"But if they knowed me," he assured me, "they would all be my fwiends!"

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Nabila Grace said...

hah! Sounds like Ayden. He always thinks that everyone is his friends or my friends :o)