Friday, June 17, 2011

Heavenly hell for Mommy!

I've been trying to help the kids understand how wonderful heaven will be. When they get hurt, I often remind them, "In heaven you won't get owies." Or when they are hungry/hot/tired, we all rejoice that someday we will be in a place where nothing bad will ever happen to us. In heaven we will be reunited with our dear parrot Edie, in heaven we will have all the fun we ever want, etc. In general, they are understanding that heaven is the place where all dreams come true.

We've also been reading through The Bible Story books by Arthur Maxwell, and the kids love the stories. They are getting all caught up in the dramas of Bible characters and are able to ask thought-provoking questions and make insightful remarks. And other remarks...

Last week we were reading about Abraham taking Hagar as a second wife. I stopped mid-story and asked, "Do you think that was a good idea?"

"Nooooo..." chorused my obedient students.

"How do you think I would feel if Daddy got another wife?"

"You wouldn't yike it," came back the wise replies.

"But," Seth put in sagely, "in heaven he can have two wives."

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Yolanda Suzanne Ocsai said...

Oooh no!!! hehe . . . very cute but sad! Hopefully more Uncle Arthur stories will help iron out the kinks in Seth's theology. ; )