Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nibbling at my conscience

I could write so many blogs, if I just had time. I hope I can remember them sometime when I actually have an hour. But one of the things that has been absorbing all my extra moments has been vacuuming and cleaning out areas of the house that were dirtied by our recent mouse invasion. (Three mice have been sent to mouse heaven and the traps have been empty since.)

Yesterday I was reading a little book of inspirational child-friendly poems to the kids. It ran through blessings. "Bless the sun and bless the sleet/bless the road and bless the street...bless the nest and bless the leaf/bless the righteous and the thief...bless the mill and bless the mouse, bless the miller's bricken house..."

"But Mommy," Skyler interrupted, "why don't we bless the mouse?"

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