Sunday, December 30, 2012

The birds and the bees...and food, sleep, water and sunshine

All of the children have come down with the flu this past week, but thankfully Alan and I haven't gotten sick. (He's been sequestered in our room and office, while the kids were confined to their rooms, and I've been the constantly-sanitizing go-between.) So tonight the kids were all feeling up to sitting together on the couch and watching a movie or two. After a couple of rounds of Battlefield Hollywood, Anaya and I opted for The Sound of Music. 

When we came to the scene where Liesl and Rolf kissed, there was much discussion. Anaya informed us that she would not be kissing anyone like that until she found the man she would marry. Then as things resumed, Seth followed up with his own musing.

"Boy, she's going to be surprised when the baby comes."

"What baby?" I asked, suspicious I knew the answer.

"The baby that comes from kissing."

"Well, Buddy, it takes more than kissing to make a baby."

"Yes," volunteered Anaya. "You have to sleep together to get a baby."

"Well, it's not just sleeping," I hedged. "It takes more than that."

Skyler submitted his theory. "It takes food and sleep and water."


"But Mommy," he added, "does it also take sunshine?"


kristaturner said...

that is precious and comical all at the same time!

Kim Harris said...

Rachel and I love this! So cute!

Lynette said...

lol! love it!

EmmyB said...

Love it! :)

Lynx said...

Cute! Love it when they mix up their subjects. :)

Anonymous said...

It is called "NEWSTART" after all.