Sunday, April 5, 2015

Male headship according to Seth

"Mommy, am I the head of the house now?" Seth asked me Friday.

"You mean because Daddy's gone this weekend? No, I'm the head of the house because I'm the mommy," I responded.

"But," he said mischievously, "I'm the oldest boy here."

"True," I smirked. "So why would you want to be the head of the house?"

"Because then I could do whatever I wanted, and people would obey me?" Clearly someone was not very confident of his authority, but was having fun with the thought.

"Well, it's true I obey Daddy. But do you know what it means when Daddy is the head of me? It means that he has to be like Jesus, and look for the lowest place and be a servant. Were you saying you wanted to do that?"

He giggled. "No! I just want to get kisses!"

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