Monday, July 14, 2008

Beach boy

Seth has a new passion besides trains (finally!). It's the beach. (Nowit's confirmed, he is both Grandpa's boy AND Grandma's.) Actually, the beach has been a huge hit with all of the kids the last couple of weeks. First we went to the beach in North Carolina. Seth was simply insatiable. He even wanted to go out into the water by himself, and he is the one who usually has to be coaxed to try new things. Not so with the ocean! When we went back to the beach house (we were visiting some friends at my high school reunion, at a house they were renting on the beach), Seth kept begging for the next two hours. "I want go beach!" When we came outside to get in the car and go back to where we were staying, he set off by himself (this is just not Seth) and Alan caught him a couple of houses down, headed toward the beach. "I go beach," he explained. The next morning, Seth's first waking words were, "I want go beach!" after which he rolled over and went back to sleep. It was a consistent theme all day long, every day.

Well, a few days after we left North Carolina, we arrived in Houston (now there's a story, but probably not worth telling), and yesterday we went to Galveston to visit another beach. Seth's enthusiasm had not abated in the least. This beach had a little lagoon that was protected from the waves, and the kids had a blast chasing seagulls as well. All the way around, the beach has been insanely popular.

We visited it every day for several days, but it never got old.


Okay1 said...

Hi Nicole,
I really enjoyed hanging out with you all last night and seeing all your beach pictures! What fun you all had! :)

phoebs said...

Dear Mrs. Parker,

How are you doing? This is Phoebe and I was wondering if it would be ok if I added your link to my page? I would love to stay updated on your family! I love your stories and will miss you this next year! God bless you. Thanks so much.