Monday, July 7, 2008

Imitation love

There's an echo in my house these days. Two of them, actually. It seems that whatever is said must be repeated three times, as if to squeeze every drop of meaning out of it. If Anaya says, "Mommy, I need my dolly to have a dollhouse!" it is repeated by Sethie and then, last but not least, by Skyler. "Mommy, I need a dolly dollhouse!" "Mommy, da-yee da-wouse!" These echoes are usually followed by gales of laughter from the boys. It is particularly entertaining when Anaya's part is not a happy one. "Mommy! No! Waaaaah!" and an anguished drop to the floor is followed by Seth's delighted interpretation. "Mommy! No! Waaah!" complete with identical voice inflections and fall, and Skyler's equally gleeful copy. The boys laugh hysterically at this new development (i.e., supremely irritating Big Sister). Anaya howls in rage.

Probably somewhere soon I won't be far behind her. I can tell you, hearing everything three times (at least) is not always too funny.

Sethie is not going to give up his new role as copycat easily, though. He just loves to imitate everything right now (and I'm sure Skyler is not far behind, no pun intended). A few days ago I was just gazing into his big blue eyes (is there anything more adorable than a freckled pug nose?) and I whispered to him, "I love you!"

"I wuv you!" he whispered back.

It was just too sweet. I had to do it again. So a few minutes later I said again, "I love you, precious boy!"

He grinned, crinkled his little nose and replied, "I wuv you, precious boy!"


MoziEsmé said...

Wow - just think of all the things you can get him to promise to - and get a recording of! Kids that age are so cute! I'm sure he DOES love you, though . . .

Techyturner said...

Can I say that you tell some of the most precious stories?