Sunday, June 22, 2008

You funny

Sethie is quite a little man. A little OLD man, I think. Last night we got home from the prophecy seminar late, but the kids zoomed around the house like giddy bees for a little while anyway. I caught one after another and put their pajamas on them. Then just as I was finishing filling Seth's sippy cup, I heard him say, "Mommy, I go nigh-night." I came around the corner and there he was, heading up the stairs to bed!

"Did you give Daddy nuggles and kissies?"


"Do you want your clothie and sippy?"

"Yets." He reached for them, then grinned and gave me a slippery kiss. "Nigh-night."

I followed him, unbelieving, figuring I really SHOULD be doing something to put my two-year-old to bed. He marched in his bedroom door, then looked up at me like, "Why are you following me?" and shut the door in my face. And I know him well enough to be sure that he waddled right to his little bed and dropped into it.

I guess my little boy is growing up after all! (People keep promising me they will.) Funny how different kids are. I can't imagine Anaya doing that at 14. Or even 24....


Speaking of Sethie, he is such a sweetie. He is just so cute. The other day he was building towers with some big Lego blocks. "No fall down!" he would instruct the tower of blocks, pointing his little preaching finger at it--then he would nudge it to destruction. "No fall DOWN!" he would repeat gleefully to the fallen mess, finger outstretched. He would pick them up and reassemble them, carefully grouping the Legos according to color. "No fall down!" he would sternly address each color group as he added it to the stack.


Seth was having so much fun eating with Auntie Annette last week. "You funny!" he chortled.

"Me, funny?" she laughed. "You are funny!"

"I not funny." Seth's eyes twinkled. "You funny. He funny (pointing to Uncle Brad). I not funny."


Christy said...

aw! I miss seth! And all your little bundles of energy, including yourself!

Kelsey said...

So sweet! Missed seeing them when you came through. :)