Thursday, June 5, 2008

TV trouble

We've been researching the effects of TV on children. Most of the concerns we read about have to do with conventional TV (which we don't have), such as commercials (which make them materialistic and junk-food-hungry), violence, and such. But some things might apply to video-watching, which we do sparingly engage in. I have Nest videos (Bible stories), a few Max Lucado children's videos, a few Baby Einstein (mostly classical music with toys prancing across the screen and children singing ABC's) and some others. Generally I don't think they're too dangerous.

One warning regarding the effects of TV watching caught my attention. It may "inhibit the development of their imaginations." Help. Maybe we need to watch more. This morning Anaya came to me whining, so I warned her she would have to go to her room. "Can you put me in your ear instead?" she asked. So I pretended to carefully pick her up by her hair and tuck her in my ear. She squealed and kicked and finally politely asked if I would take her out. I took her out and set her down, and she hugged me gratefully. "Thank you!"

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