Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just say yes

Anaya loves to draw Seth into fascinating conversations where his limited verbal skills give her imagination free reign. Today I overheard one such conversation.

“Do you want Skyler to swallow your little Bible?”

“Yets.” (He has such adorable pronunciation!)

“But then he would get owies in his tummy, and he would get the little pages stuck in his tummy.
Do you want him to get owies?”


“But then we would have to take him to the dock-tor, and he would have to get…” she pondered the possibilities but couldn’t come up with anything fearsome. “And the dock-tor would have to get the little pages out of his tummy. So do you want to go to the dock-tor?”


“Do you want Skyler to swallow your Bible again?”


This was a disappointing turn of events. “You don’t?”


“You mean you don’t want to go to the dock-tor?”


Alas. The problem with friends who aren’t imaginary.

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