Saturday, June 14, 2008

True friends

Lately Anaya has taken to defining friendship on the basis of who is like her. She exhorts Sethie to do whatever she is doing, so they can be “friends.” Sethie is her friend when he does whatever she commands him (an entirely Biblical concept cheerfully taken out of context). Or, Sethie is her friend when he does the same things she does.
This morning at breakfast, Anaya announced in delight, “Sethie is my friend!”
“Is that because he is eating the same cereal you are eating?” I responded dryly.
“Yes, but also because he is eating with his mouth open!”

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Saralyn said...

Thanks for the laugh Nicole. Your posts always make me smile. I miss you guys lots! Open mouths and all. ; ) (And just think how pleasant your dinnertime will be now that Anaya can keep her mouth closed!)