Monday, December 14, 2009

Size this up for me

Anaya has just been proudly going through her drawers with me, getting rid of her size 5 clothes now that she is a solid size 6. You can understand her surprise when I received a box from my sister Valerie with clothes in it for me. "Look," I exclaiming, showing Saralyn a skirt I was trying on, "it's a size 4 and it fits me!"

Anaya came around the corner round-eyed. "You're a size 4?!"


Kristin said...

That's hilarious :D You know you really could write a book about your children.

LaVonne said...

Size 4? Congrats! Now after the new year I am going to make it a goal to fit into my size 6 jeans :) Oh mercy! Not fun when you love sweets!