Sunday, May 23, 2010

A pretty penny

Anaya came to me yesterday morning during my devotions and dropped a penny on the bed beside me. "Mommy, this is for Skyler."

Even though I'm old, I catch on quickly sometimes. "So you're buying him from me?"

"Yes," she smiled smugly.

"I'm afraid he costs more than that," I responded. "It'll cost $30,000."

She pondered. "How about five?"

A little while later she came back with a dollar bill, which she pointed out had a seven written on it so should be worth even more than a dollar. I was unmoved. "That's fine," she retorted, "I'll sell my scrapbook. How much did you want for Skyler?" She brought me a piece of paper, requesting that I write out the price for her. "Anaya, that's more than Daddy makes in over half a year," I explained.

"But I can make that much money easily," she laughed. "I'll just make things and sell them!"

A little while later, Seth came shrieking to me complaining that Anaya had taken the dollar bill that he was playing with. "Well, you could solve this easily, Seth," I responded. "Just tell her you're not going to marry her."

He glared at Anaya. "Anaya, I'm not going to mawwy you!"

"Well, I'm going to marry you anyway. I love you."

But three minutes later her tune changed (what a woman!). "I'm going to marry Skyler now!"

I found Seth wailing disconsolately outside my bedroom door shortly thereafter. "What's wrong, Bud?" I asked the rejected suitor.

"I want the money!"

That evening, I told my sister the tale. "Ah!" she laughed, "that explains why Anaya showed me her scrapbook and then offered to sell it to me for $30,000."

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Joelle said...

This was so funny that I laughed until I cried! You've got some funny kids. :)