Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Twenty years from now

If I could prophesy what my children would grow up to be based on their current tendencies, Skyler would definitely be something to do with animals, or “aminals,” as he calls them. (And incidentally, if you call animals “aminals,” and you go to a zoo and see a camel, it’s not much of a jump from “aminal” to “caminal.”) I can’t say he would be a veterinarian, because he is happy enough to torment them (the slug he was poking the other day comes to mind). But he is obsessed with all things “aminal,” and can’t get enough of spiders and snakes, tadpoles and tigers, beetles and bears.

Seth, on the other hand, will be my little doctor or counselor. He is so thoughtful and loving when anyone has an owie or is sad. His tender little heart just melts when someone is hurting. He’s been that way since he was a tiny little guy standing up in his crib, so I think I’m safe in saying compassion is a part of his personality. He also loves to make little jokes and sing, so I guess you could say he will be a multi-talented doctor.

Anaya…is there a salary offered anywhere for “drama queen”? :D No, seriously, she has many other characteristics and talents. I might guess she will be a lawyer (based on her thirst for justice and seeming tireless enjoyment of arguing). She shows tremendous artistic interest, though not a notably unusual talent yet. Probably my best bet is writer, though. She just loves to make up stories. Hopefully we can nurture that talent in the right direction!

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Squishy Knees said...

There IS a career for "drama queen!" It's called being an actress! And, they make good money...cha ching!