Sunday, January 9, 2011

Midnight musings

I learned a bunch of things just before midnight last night:

1. How much laundry a 5-year-old repeatedly vomiting in bed can make. (Well, depending on your definition of bed, since we don’t have any beds right now—vomiting on blankets on the floor.)

2. How far the shards of glass fly when you drop a Pyrex bowl on the floor while attempting to take it to said vomiting boy.

3. How dirty my kitchen floor was, when wiping it with wet paper towels to pick up remaining glass.

4. How many times a seven-year-old can pop out of bed after she has been told to stay there.

5. How tired my poor husband was, who fell asleep midway through this adventure.

6. Most of all, how gracious God is, filling me with peace in the midst of everything. I found myself singing, “He is good always, in big and small ways; He is working all things together for our good…” throughout it all. While this has been an incredibly hard week, He really is so good. Someday I know I'm going to be grateful for all I'm learning now (besides these things, of course). :)

1 comment:

Nabila Grace said...

You know I end up singing in times like those - "My God is so great, so strong and so mighty there's NOTHING MY GOD CANNOT do!" ;o)