Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Which makes sense, unless you think about it

This morning I overheard Anaya in the other room talking with Skyler. "OK, so we can make a deal then...."

Suspicious of deals between seven-year-olds and four-year-olds, I came into the room. "What deal are you making?"

"Well, you see," my daughter began with an ingratiating smile, "Skyler got five dollars for his birthday. And then he bought this gum with some of it. But I love this gum! So he is going to give me the rest of his five dollars, and a piece of gum. Then," she rushed on, "when I go to the store, I will buy more gum. Then I can have some too."

Little Mr. Gullible was sitting here meekly agreeing to this whole thing, so I asked incredulously, "So you mean you're going to take his money and his gum?"

"Well, yes. that's the deal."

"But that's his birthday money. You just got birthday money a few months ago, and you could have bought gum. You bought toys instead."

She began to wail. "But that was before I knew how yummy this gum was!"

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