Sunday, July 29, 2012

Same world, different planet

At lunchtime today, I called for everyone to come eat. I heard Anaya parading slowly down the stairs and around the corner. "Anaya is gone," she announced. "She went...somewhere. And I am a queen," she added pompously, with a fair imitation of a British accent, "visiting from a faraway country. My name is Elizabeth."

Well, far be it from me to get in the way of my children's imagination. (Does this explain why they refuse to color in coloring books, and instead plead for plain white paper, so they can draw their own designs?) Queen Elizabeth, decked out in a slithery purple dress-up scarf and a Middle Eastern dress, joined us for lunch. The conversation centered around the religion in her country (which she informed us eventually was "Zim-bobz-we"), the peculiarities of ours, and our need for servants like they had (can't agree more there).

"Where are your servants?" queried Her Elegance.

"Right there, there and there," I replied, pointing to Anaya, Seth and Skyler.

"I'm not a servant!" Queen Elizabeth was shocked.

"Well, then, there and there."

"You just have your sons as your servants?"

"They're not very effective," I acknowledged, "but they're all we've got."

Eventually Queen Elizabeth tired of her meal with us, bade us a gracious farewell, and went out the door to return to her country. Anaya exploded back in the door a moment later, gasping, "Didn't you love Queen Elizabeth? Wasn't she amazing? I love her!"


Hope said...

I love how my kids pretend to be people too. Sometimes I wonder where my imagination went! Compared to my kids I'm so boring :) BTW, I just realized we have the same blog background! I guess good minds think alike ;)

Kelsey said...

LOL. As she gets older, it gets more realistic... I can't wait until she's 15 ;-)

Saralyn said...

lol... oh too funny, I miss you guys!