Monday, July 30, 2012

That's yife

Seth is into punning and clever word plays now. He loves nothing more than humor. As we often say, the development of humor is an ugly process. :) (I could mention the endless knock-knock jokes that don't make sense..."Knock knock! Who's there? Dinosaur. Dinosaur who? Dinosaur that wants to eat you! BAHAHAHAHA!" But...nah...I won't mention those.)

But the other day, he came up with a cute one. "Daddy, what color is the sky?"

"It's blue."

"It's not blue. It's blue-tiful!"

We all had a good laugh at his cute shot at humor. But later, a puzzled Skyler (who still can't say L) asked me, "Mommy, when Sethie said the sky is byoo-tiful--why is that funny? The sky is byoo-tiful."

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Saralyn said...

somebody takes after their Daddy
; )...