Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blessed are the peacemakers

Skyler has a little problem right now with his temper. Actually, temper problems are never little problems, but we're working on it in little ways (the only ones that work). The crucial element is that anytime he hits or pinches anyone, he gets promptly disciplined. Here is where my boys are light-years apart in personality. We never would have had this problem with Seth--as you may be able to guess from yesterday's happenings.

Yesterday I was working outside while all three kids were indoors. Soon Seth came bounding outside. "Mommy, Skyler hurt Anaya! You need to come spank him."

"What happened?"

"He gave her owies. I held his shirt and tried to stop him," my little peacemaker insisted, "and I gave Anaya love and kissed her owies."

I came inside to find an unperturbed Anaya doing My Place with Jesus on the computer (great site for kids!). "Are you okay, Anaya?"

"Yes," she assured me, not even looking up. "Skyler hurt me though."

"Sowy," put in Skyler.

I spanked Skyler's hand and sent him to give Anaya love (which he did willingly). Then Seth bounded over to her too and both of them gave each other exuberant hugs. They celebrated the triumph of love by singing a line together from one of their favorite, self-made songs. "You never heard a diaper sing!"

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