Sunday, May 3, 2009


Anaya loves clothes. Lately she enjoys whirling through several outfits in a day sometimes, wearing each hour or so at a time and leaving a mountain of unfolded clothes on her bedroom floor.

Well, that's not going to work. I informed her of this a few days ago, telling her to put everything away. Each time she came out with a new outfit, I asked her if the previous one had been put away. "Yes, Mommy, I put it away," she assured me each time.

I checked her floor, and sure enough, it was clean.

Until the next morning, when I pulled her laundry hamper out of her closet and found a heap of clean clothes in it. Not to be defeated in this game, I laid them all on the floor and sent her to her room with instructions to fold them and put them away. On the way past her, I noticed a shirt that was still in the laundry and didn't need to be. I pulled it out and held it out to her. "Put this one away, too."

"But Mommy, that one was wet!"

"How did it get wet?"

Her creative powers momentarily deserted her. "I didn't want to put it away. So I licked it."

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LaVonne said... is still clean! She is so cute.