Sunday, May 31, 2009

The little things

This morning Skyler saw Anaya playing with a button and started a protest that he wanted it. "Skyler," I reminded him, "it's selfish to want Anaya to give you whatever she's playing with. You can wait patiently. You don't want to be selfish, do you?" He stopped.

"Anaya," I continued, "you're being selfish too. You know your brother would like that button. Wouldn't you like to share with him?" After a moment's thought, she handed it over.

(Yay! A victory!)

Then Seth started. "I wanna button..." I started the same process with him, but no sooner did he cease wailing than Skyler handed over the button without prompting!

I wanted to shout. (In fact, I did.) Hooray! It's working! They're learning!


Kristin said...

That's awesome :) Glad to hear things are going well in the Parker home.

Jair, Hanlie, Isabella and Joshua said...

Good job Mom!