Friday, November 6, 2009

Parker Brothers Games

The boys have a new favorite sport, one in which they engage regularly every day. It could be called a game, I guess. But the problem is, it's only fun when someone isn't having fun.

Here's an example of it from yesterday's breakfast.

"You a napkin!" Seth launched the first missile.

Skyler was quick to react. "I not a nakkin! Mommy! Sethie called me a nakkin! I not a nakkin!"

"Are you a napkin, Skyler?"

"No, I not!"

"So don't worry about it. Sethie's just being silly."

Wrong words. "Sethie, you silly!"

Now Seth is in anguish at being so cruelly attacked. "I not silly! Mommy..." The wails begin.

Finally I tired of hearing it and positioned a row of cereal boxes between the two of them. Seth couldn't bear this. He leaned out as far as he could, trying to peer around the barrier to re-establish abrasive communication.

"Seth, leave Skyler alone. You're not allowed to talk to him."


Well, I guess at least they're playing together, right?

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