Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spanking clean

Tonight I popped two little boys into the bathtub and left them for a few moments while I cleaned the kitchen. I returned just in time to see Skyler pour a cup of water over the edge of the bathtub, forming two neat waterfalls, one down into the bathtub and the other, naturally, onto the tile floor. I shrieked and then realized that this was not the first time this delightful event had taken place, since water was already spilling out into the hallway from the bathroom.

I picked my way gingerly into the bathroom, spluttering threats and wrestling towels from the cupboard. I pulled first one, then the other from the bathtub and swatted their dripping bottoms, all the while trying to stay calm and explain to them the consequence for deliberately pouring water all over the bathroom floor again. We sopped up the water and I marched them, still dripping, to the bedroom to get dressed, amid wailed protests about how desperately they needed a bath tonight.

"Seth," I continued, vainly trying to remonstrate as I pulled pajamas over his head, "what you did was just like Adam and Eve. Remember? They knew God didn't want them to eat the fruit, but they ate it anyway. That's rebellion."

"Oh," responded my mournful little man. "Did they get a spank too?"

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