Monday, May 5, 2014

A little child shall lead

A few days ago I was puttering around in the kitchen making breakfast when I heard Skyler steadily plodding through Genesis 1 in the living room. "And every...wing-ed bird..." Peeking around the corner, I saw him laboring over the huge family Bible on our coffee table.

"Sweetie, what are you reading?" I asked, squatting beside him.

He beamed at me. "I wanted to read the Bible by myself today."

"That's great! But you know, it's better not to just read, but to actually study it. You might get more out of reading just a few verses and thinking about them." I gave him a few suggestions on how to visualize Creation and make practical applications to his day regarding what he was reading. "And especially," I added, "you need to pray that God will help you to understand and to love Him more through your time with Him."

"That's right, Mommy," he looked up at me with his (always melting me!) big brown eyes. "Because if we read just so we can get done as fast as we can, so we can go play, it doesn't count with God! We might read just so we can say, 'I finished reading my Bible' and feel good. But then we missed loving God."

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