Monday, May 5, 2014

Wedding bliss

Yesterday we went to a wedding...with three children. (This, by itself, might make some people question our sanity. For those who still think there is a possibility we are sensible people...we also took them to a 2 1/2 hour graduation the same day.)

Thankfully, they are getting old enough to survive such adventures. This was evidenced by the fact that we actually made it to the wedding on time (barely!) and were able to sit through all of the bridal processional. (Well, depending on your definition of sitting...Skyler was rolling around under the pew part of the time, but there was no raucous noise, so I'm counting that as a success.)

Anaya was, of course, no trouble, having been enraptured with the entire wedding process since age 2 (no joke). She positioned herself next to the aisle with her hot pink camera, and was pretty much mesmerized from the start.

After the parading in of the bridal party, when everyone was up front lookin' pretty (mainly Ruthie and girls--no offense, Joe and friends!), I took the boys and a bag of toys out to the mothers' room so they could play quietly. I pulled out an assortment of cars and was about to leave them when Seth objected.

"But Mommy, I want to see the wedding."

"Why, Buddy?"

"I want to hear what the preacher says, so I can study it afterward."

Really? Wow. How do you argue with that?

So Skyler was left playing by himself while Seth trooped back into weddingland to sit with Daddy and me. All went surprisingly smoothly, and Skyler even joined us for the last ten minutes or so, sneaking in with his bag of toys and clambering onto Daddy's lap.

"Did they kiss yet?" he whispered.

"No. Did you want to see that?"

He grinned and wriggled in slightly sheepish glee. "Yes."

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