Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Misplaced faith in the resurrection

You know how you can be walking through the store, not conscious there is music playing, until some phrase jars you into consciousness of the words? Yeah...that happens in parenting too.

The other day as my small herd clambered into the car, the blur of random jabbering suddenly stopped sounding blurry.

"Is he still dead?"

I'm a believer in the resurrection. I am. And I was very interested in knowing what was potentially being resurrected in my back seat.

"Is WHO still dead?"

The boys seemed surprised I was interested.

"Our calopidder," Skyler volunteered cheerfully. "We had a calopidder that we left in the car."

"He was already dead," Seth assured me. "But we just wanted to see if he would be alive again."

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