Monday, January 12, 2009

Elijah bread

This morning we were making bread (an exciting process that guarantees flour, and often other things, on the floor, clothes and hands). "Mommy, can we make Elijah bread too?" Anaya wanted to know. Bless Saralyn's wonderful heart, she has taught the kids how to make unleavened bread (a sort of chapati), and breadmaking will never be the same.

So after the bread machines began churning, I measured out flour, oil, salt and water into two mixing bowls. (Skyler was napping, thankfully.) Seth bounded over to the blue one (naturally--he's really into blue now, or "byoo!" as he calls it), then raced off and brought back Thomas and Percy, two toy trains. "Thomas and Percy want to make bread too," he assured me.

Moments later I caught his hand holding Thomas mid-air about to dive headfirst into the bowl of sticky flour mixture. "Stop! No trains in the bread. I don't want Thomas to get dirty."

"Percy is dirty," he pointed out sensibly, showing me the flour sprinkled already on Percy's bright green back.

I managed to keep my careening offspring from eating much dough, and eventually we did fry the dough and devour it for lunch. ("I want kale!" Seth howled upon arriving at the table and finding nothing green on it--but that's another story.)


This afternoon I heard Anaya charging around after Seth. "I want you to marry me! Will you marry me, Sethie?"

Seth had only one word to reply. "Help!"


Joelle said...

Wow, your son loves greens? That's great! LOL.
I guess Seth is learning to run away from assertive young ladies early in life. ;-)

Kelsey said...

LOL... Seth seems to be developing some good common sense. ;)
I can remember eating bread dough when I was little and my parents would make bread. One time I had the pleasant experience of eating too much dough and learned that yeast can rise in your stomach too. (never did that again... hehe)

Staci said...

That last line got me busting up!