Thursday, January 22, 2009

I don't know how to tell you this, but...

My children have eloped.

Yes, with each other.

Apparently it happened about a month ago, but they didn't break the news until Anaya told me in casual conversation yesterday. We were talking about the seating arrangement Anaya had chosen when she set the table.

"Sethie will sit on this side of me," she explained. "He's my daddy. And Skyler will sit on this side of me, because he's my child."

"You mean Sethie is your husband?" I corrected.


"But I thought he said he didn't want to marry you."

"We already got married!" she giggled. "We got married a loooong time ago. At Grandma's house."

"Was Grandma there?"

"I don't remember!" She chortled at her own brilliance. "We just got married. Sethie wore his blue blanket. I just wore..." she shrugged, "some dress."

"Who was your preacher?"

She cackled in glee. "I guess--I was! So we've been married a looooong time now. We have a child."

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Long Family said...

Well, Anaya's obsession with marrying her brother is so funny! It makes me laugh each time you post about it. Enjoy it now, you never know, as they get older they may not get along so well. Well, I guess you guys do live in the South now... Ha Ha... kidding! God Bless, Nicole!