Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ill feelings

Anaya loves to read The Bedtime Stories, a large collection of character-building stories. We are fortunate enough to have the ones I had as a child, which include a few old-fashioned words to enrich her vocabulary. One of her favorite stories is the story that includes a woman who got very sick ("ill" in the story) and was in danger of dying.

Recently Anaya got sick. Apparently she felt pretty awful, because even though it was only a fever and runny nose, the effects were pretty dramatic. She went to bed and laid there a while, then called me into her room.

"Mommy," she murmured, reaching out her hand to me, "I think..." she lowered her voice, "...I'm ill."

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Joelle said...

LOL. That's great... ha! As long as they don't start using words that have REALLY different connotations these days...