Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bilingual already?

Anaya has listened very attentively to my explicit orders to stay out of our newly planted garden, or when in it, to stick religiously to the pathways. So far she hasn't stepped on anything in it (knock on wood). She has tried to keep her brothers out of it too, and so far no one has squashed anything. I credit her scrupulous guardianship, at least partly.

Yesterday Anaya spotted a stray dog bounding through our yard, headed for the garden. She dashed outside, shouting, "Don't walk through our garden! You might step on the plants!"

"He can't understand our language, Anaya," Saralyn explained.

Anaya was undaunted. With identical intonation, she bellowed, "Woof woof woof, woof woof woof!"


Joelle said...

Oh man... that was a great comeback. LOL! Nicole, I love all your posts even if I don't always comment... they bring a smile to my day!

LaVonne said...

Too funny! Today we enjoyed 82 degree weather at the park and in our little pool out back. Now if these allergies would just go away, life would be great! Thanks for the laugh.