Sunday, April 19, 2009

Parker Brothers games, inc.

And in case you're wondering why I don't blog much...

I sat down a little while ago to write the previous blog. Within minutes I heard a crash. Suspicious, I checked the bathroom. Sure enough, there sat two gleeful little boys on the forbidden bathroom counter. The water was running in the sink, and both of them had their feet in it, complete, of course, with sopping little socks and jeans. Almost everything that had previously been on the counter was now on the floor (candles, shells, etc.), with the exception of two Anne Geddes pictures, which were lying face down on the counter, being used as seat cushions for two soggy bottoms. Beautiful. (I took them out of their frames and hopefully they'll dry out. Any chance water stains may become an in-style antiquing effect?)

I spanked, cleaned up, and changed two moderately repentant (at best) little boys into their pajamas (hey, it's already 5 pm, why waste another two outfits?). Then I deposited soaked clothes in the laundry and sat down at the computer again to try to finish. Within seconds I heard pounding feet and something about the sound of them made me get up to investigate again. Sure enough, they were now in the forbidden bay window, stomping around among the pictures, lamps and African memorabilia.

So now they're watching a video. Call me a neglectful mom. I'm trying to protect the furniture. Or my sanity.

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LaVonne said...

It took me far too long to understand your title. Then it hit me, duh! So, I will blame it on tiredness (always) and allergy fog. :)